KiDiTa eco-plating

Product Specifications
Function There are 3 major features with KiDiTa’s eco-plating line:Organized Zero-Release,High Performance Plating,Low Energy Consumption

      Since there are so many malpractices in the conventional plating industry, KiDiTa spent 2 years in developing the eco-plating line, which prevents environmental pollution and harm to the operators completely.  

       There are 3 major features with Newstar’s eco-plating line. 

       Organized Zero-Release

      The “organized zero-release” environment friendly process was created to solve the severe pollution of conventional plating line. We obtained the national patent for this process.Organized zero-release means under the control of KiDiTa intelligent close loop system the relevant liquid and gas generated from production will be sealed separately in a special system going through a cycling process of using—collection—treatment—using,without any planned or organized discharge of solid, liquid or gas with pollutant to the outside. 

       High Performance Plating

The additive and plating parameters for the high corrosion resistant nickel-chrome plating fill the gap in the domestic high precision plating industry and obtained the national patent. The rod manufactured from this process can reach NSS of over 1000 hours and hardness of over 950HV. 

       Low Energy Consumption

      Waste zero-release and high performance plating does not mean higher energy consumption. By adopting the creative design and manufacturing process, KiDiTa eco-plating line lowers the energy consumption and improves the production efficiency at the same time. Organized zero-release process will not only guarantee zero-release of waste but also recycle the water used in the production process after being treated. Only small amount of water that has been lost by evaporation needs to be supplemented. Compared to traditional plating, the water consumption reduces by more than 98%. Meanwhile, the plating time is shortened by 50% with the technical parameter, fixture design and circuit layout of KiDiTa  eco-plating line. The work efficiency gets doubled and the direct benefit is that the power consumption is lowered by 50%. With the eco-plating technology, KiDiTa practices to the national call of “energy saving and emission reduction”, contributing our efforts to a better future of human beings.